Welcome to Online Education by Laurine.

Learn the bases using the French technique.

Laurine Durand

Originally from France and over 13 years of experience. I started running my own buisness since 2020. I always wanted to share my passion to others and help people to outdone themself.

Learn at your own pace, step by step with this online training. Easy and intuitive you will be required to do different exercises to make sure you understood every point. Once it’s completed you will receive your certificate and be able to book new clients.

Did you ever seen a picture and wonder if you’ll be able to recreate it ?

Never get it wrong again and learn an easy and accessible technique.

Laurine’s online education is not just a training it gives you a way to acquire and use new skills for your future customers.

Take the control and be now more confident when achieving your techniques.

What you will learn :

– Easy way to make new tecniques and suitable for every type of hair
– Placement, partings and sections
– Which product to choose in wich situation
– Get professional results
– How to fix a mistake
– Gain confidence and be more efficient

What you will get :

– Full HD video
– Online support to help you learning
– Quizz to train yourself
– Access to reviews and feeback
– Your certificate
– Be able to ask your questions to Laurine

Be proud of you and get your certificate :

Start now. Learn from zero or improve your skills, this is a new way to make the most trendy hairstyles.

Get started
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